What we do

SELL is synonymous with injection moulding of plastic products. We know plastic through and through, and we have unparalleled experience in making things with it spanning 25 years and counting. We handle the entire process, from the initial idea all the way to delivery of the product you had in mind, with conviction and vision every step of the way.


SELL prefers to be more than ‘just’ a manufacturer for its customers. We also like to keep the end user prominently in the picture. We are a tactical partner at the production level. We take care of things for our customers. At the design and development level, we see ourselves as a strategic party, and in that role also focus on the user experience of the total product and the enjoyment of the end user, however small our role in that product is. We look for every opportunity to work closely with our client to make sure that their customer is a satisfied one.

Innovation & product development

Innovation is our business every day. Optimizing processes, products, and production runs is the foundation of our market position and reputation. It is also our conviction: we know that it can always be smarter, more effective, and more attractive. Development and innovation is something we do both at our clients' instruction and on our own initiative. It ensures that our clients are always guaranteed the best knowledge, cases, and solutions.

Injection moulding

Our machinery provides maximum flexibility in production capacity for production runs and products both large and small. Our machines have the capacity to make your product the best that it can be, with closing forces of 50 to 1,200 tonnes and a shot weight of up to 13 kg. SELL can handle both 1 and 2-component injection moulding and in-mould labelling (IML).


We are happy to take care of the manufacture and maintenance of your moulds in-house, and store your moulds in our fire-resistant mould safe.

Project support

SELL encourages ownership on the part of its employees, also known as the ladder of responsibility in the pursuit of excellence. It is more than just a matter of feeling responsible; this is about acting responsibly both for and by the individual and the group. Good project support is a necessity that is guaranteed by personal ownership. Always, everywhere, hands-on, and according to plan. This is the pathway to best results, fast delivery times, minimum waste, and maximum quality. And your optimum return.

Stock management & logistics

Smart working methods also means something for logistics and stock management. SELL guarantees you the best relationship between delivery time and stock required to keep your business process running at maximum efficiency. That means not just efficiency in logistics and product movement, but maximum liquidity position and flexibility for your business. Our calculations, software-driven processes, experience, production, logistics, and a 3000-pallet space warehouse all add up to what we call ‘proactive stock management’.