About us

SELL Plastics is a family business specializing in the development and injection moulding of a multifunctional range of plastic semi-manufactured and finished products. We are proud of our history and enthusiastic about our future.

Philosophy, mission, values

Any organization can tell you what they do. We feel that it's at least as important, if not more so, to be able to explain why you do what you do. After all, it is here that you find the true conviction to be very good at what you do and to keep doing it right.


We go the extra mile - for you, and for ourselves.

Here's how!

We make innovative plastic products that enhance the user experience, comfort, safety, and enjoyment of the end user, always with care and consideration for people, our environment, and our world.

Our dedication
  • Commitment
  • Enthusiasm
  • Knowledge and vision of our products and our business
  • Cooperation
  • Machines, resources, people

Networking and knowledge-sharing

We owe the strength of our methods in part to our networks. Over the years, we have amassed a treasure trove of knowledge and experience through working closely with designers, engineers, raw materials suppliers and, last but not least, our customers. Together, we continue to move forward and stay at the cutting edge of the field of plastics, today, and tomorrow.

Vision of plastics

We are responsible. As both manufacturer and knowledge centre in the field of plastic products, SELL has an influence on the challenges relating to raw materials and environmental impact. Scarcity, price developments and production methods all determine the world we make for ourselves, both now and in the future. The use of plastics is on the rise, but will be limited by the degree to which plastic can be reused responsibly. Along with reuse, we are committed to upholding our responsibility in the development and use of bioplastics. SELL invests proactively in product, production and raw materials innovation, and efficient raw materials use.

Thank you

We are fully aware that we owe our success to so many others: our committed and competent team, our valued clients, our suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders. Maybe it's just because we're a family business, but we are very well aware that success is something you achieve when you work together. And that is something that SELL is all about: partnership, with all stakeholders, based on trust, respect, and enjoyment.