For us, doing business responsibly means maintaining the optimum combination of the right materials, resources, measures, and mindset in everything we do, every day.

Cooling and heating

We base the cooling of our machinery and office on the temperature of the outside air. We also use energy-saving and energy-efficient dry coolers and chillers. SELL manufactures its products using heat-neutral methods. The heat we generate in our machinery is channelled back into our workspaces, for energy savings of up to 40% compared to conventional climate control methods.


Within our company, daylight is our fundamental lighting source. Where necessary, we provide additional lighting using LEDs and low-energy florescent lighting. Our custom-made lighting solutions are 70% more energy-efficient.


SELL uses certified green electricity.

Reused and recycled raw materials

Wherever possible, we reuse our production waste as raw material, and employ pre-used materials in the form of regranulates/recyclates. We do this without making any concessions to the quality of the end product.

Machines and automation

Optimum coordination between human, machine, and automation guarantees an efficient and energy-saving production process. SELL works exclusively with energy-saving, state-of-the-art machines and a computer-driven, central feed of raw materials. Our clean workspace policy also helps prevent waste of time, attention and materials.

Safety and fun

We cherish our team, and promote a pleasant and safe working environment that contributes to motivated, committed, and healthy employees: people who pay attention to each other and look out for each other; people who have been proud to work with us for years and intend to do so for years to come. Naturally, we adhere to all conventional environmental regulations, rules, and certifications.